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Testimonials and Reviews

I first met Dr. Hemmelstein when we worked in a special program combining educational and mental health services for children. His work with children inspired me and the children adored him.

As a parent of two small children, ages 4 and 6 years old, and a school counselor, I constantly seek opportunities to grow as a mother and as a professional working with children and adolescents. This book provided me such an opportunity. Having worked with him-I knew I could trust Neal’s words and insights. I expected this book to help me as a counselor with my middle school students. What I did not expect was how much the book helps me in my parenting of my young children. It amazes me how things that seem common sense one moment can be completely lost in the next. This guide reminds me of the importance and value of identifying feelings in each situation and that feelings are separate from actions. In my work, I rely on these skills regularly. But when I add my emotional attachment as a parent, I seem to have less access to these common sense skills. Neal, the “master of the obvious,” as he describes himself in his book, emphasizes this in his Guide.

For parents of teenagers, the Parent’s Guide offers a valuable tool for improving communication with their teens and reminding parents where their children are “coming from” when communicating with them. For parents of pre-teens, this book will do the same! The parent section provides suggestions, ideas, and examples that will encourage you to be true to and honest with yourself in order to promote honesty in your children. Neal points out, that reflection is the “key” to a nurturing and trusting relationship. You will be reminded of how important it is to hear what your child is saying and reflect their feelings. This helps your child feel valued and supported. Parents and professionals will find Neal’s book a valuable resource. I regularly recommend it to the parents I work with as well as to my friends and family.

Keena L. Corbett, MEC.

Elementary and Middle School Counselor


From a Parent…

This book is so simple. It brought me back to the way I wanted to parent 16 years ago. That was before life took over. It is a nice reminder to treat others the way you would like to be treated and to communicate in a more effective way. My relationship with my girls has changed because of the subtle changes I have chosen to make in my parenting style as a result of using this parenting guide.

Nikki Jo Kratzer
Mother of 16 & 11 year old girls