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Teenagers, defiance, sense of justice. Is that redundant?



Teenagers often exercise their defiance and sense of justice in their efforts to define themselves and the September 12 edition of the New York Times provided an article titled, Can Teenage Defiance be Manipulated for Good?.  It sites a study that “finds that teenagers make wiser choices if they are encouraged to reimagine healthy behavior as an act of defiance.”

Check it out and tell us what you think. Is encouraging “to reimagine healthy behavior as an act of defiance” a form of manipulation? Is there anything wrong with that?

We each have what I call a “you can’t tell me what to do reflex.” When we feel someone is wagging their finger at us (notice: I did not say when someone wags their finger; I said “when we feel…”), that stimulates our “you can’t tell me what to do reflex.” This reflex is often hypersensitive in teenagers.

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