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Leader’s Manual: Using the Teenagers’ Guide as the Text



Leader’s Manual for:
Teenagers’ Guide to the Teenage Years
What’s the Big Idea?!

by Dr. Neal Hemmelstein, PhD

This manual guides an adolescent group focusing on self-care and self-esteem using the “Teenagers’ Guide to the Teenage Years: What’s the Big Idea?!” as the text.

Dr. Neal Hemmelstein created a two-fold guide for teenagers and their parents
on how to make the most of the teenage years, called Parents’ Guide to Parenting
Teenagers: Because I Said So!! / Teenagers’ Guide to the Teenage Years: What’s the
Big Idea?! While the book was originally intended primarily for internal family
dialogue, it has proven effective in providing teenagers helpful tools on “getting
things the way they want them” while keeping others happy at the same time. In
order to facilitate this discussion in a group setting, Dr. Hemmelstein has now
designed a Leader’s Manual that can be used to accompany the Teenagers’ Guide
in the classroom or at workshops.
This Leader’s Manual is a guide to a guide. In the same manner as the Teenagers’
Guide (and it’s accompanying Parents’ Guide), it is based on the following simple,
but not terribly easy principles Hemmelstein calls “1-2-3.”
1. All of us, all day long, are simply trying to have things the way we want.
2. We have two primary sources of power towards having things the way we want:
1. Knowing how good we are (not simply “good at,” but our true, core goodness)
2. Keeping agreements with ourselves and with others.
3. Notice, Remember, Repeat: What we notice we can remember. What we
remember we can repeat. We are all experts at noticing when we “blow it.” We all need work in noticing our own good work (as well as others’ good work). The better we get at noticing our own good work, the more of that good work we can remember. The more of our good work we remember, the deeper our pool of memories (not just our mistakes, but our good work, as well) becomes from which we can choose what to do next.
This Leader’s Manual provides clear, concrete instructions and suggestions to lead
a group of high school-aged teenagers through their Teenagers’ Guide. As well,
each chapter of this guide includes exercises, discussion points, and illustrative
examples regarding the principles in that chapter. This edition also includes a
complete copy of the Teenagers’ Guide for the leader’s reference.
Free Copy: Simply order 5 or more copies of the Teenagers’ Guide to the Teenage
Years (to use with your group) and you will receive a free copy of the Leader’s
Manual. For additional discounts when making bulk purchases, please contact us
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Paperback: ISBN 978-1-936172-78-8
Publication date: Aug. 15, 2014
Page count: 104, paperback Trim Size: 5.5” x 8.5”

Price: $14.99


(Leader’s Manual including the Teenager Guide)
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