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Your children are your sunshine; Vitamin D can reduce asthma in children.

Your children are your sunshine.  “You are the sunshine of my life,” sings Stevie Wonder. Well, not as poetic:: Sunshine is life! Necessary but not sufficient, true. However, without sunshine there is no life.

Video games, computers and phones, Oh my!! Like many flying insects, light draws us towards it, as well. Like these insects, we choose the nearest/brightest, conscious and not. Nearby and readily accessible electronic screens provide that source of stimulation (light and otherwise). Of course, other aspects of these devices offer much stronger stimuli, but light they produce does not replace sunshine. And without sunshine there is no life.

Please check out the video, Vitamin D for Asthma found at the valuable source of nutritional information:  nutritionfacts.org, because in just two minutes, twenty-two, Michael Greger, M.D. provides valuable and valid information regarding a child’s health. This video is a perfect example of the type of information nutritionfacts.org offers.

The information on this site is evidence-based and Dr. Greger has no agenda in his presentation of this wealth of information. As well, he presents it in such a fashion that we can all understand it, to make our own nutritional choices. That is, he has no need to tell us we are “being bad” if we don’t make our choices based on his videos. All of the information he shares does support Dr. Greger’s strongly held evidence-based belief that the more plant based food we eat, the healthier we are.


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