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Always respect, recognize, appreciate your kids


Always respect, recognize & appreciate your kids. (See earlier article, Self & family care: The Second Three ). And, modeling is the most powerful method of teaching. Thus how we treat ourselves influences how our children treat themselves. As well, how we treat our children influences how our children treat themselves. A simpler way of stating this: What we call our children they will call themselves.

That’s right!! Call your kids “stupid,” they will call themselves “stupid.”  Similarly, call them “lazy” they will call themselves “lazy,” and call ‘em “lovable” they will call themselves “lovable.” And, on and on… And, I believe that how and what we say to ourselves influences how we feel, how we act, and what we think.

One more way of explaining why What we call our children they will call themselves:” Love is learned. If children drink from a fountain of love, they will grow to love themselves and others (See earlier article, Self-Care Enhances Effective Parenting ).

Our ability to love another is limited only by our ability to love ourselves. We learn to love by the model our parents provided in their love of us. We apply that model to loving ourselves, upon which time we can love another. Only when we respect, recognize and appreciate ourselves can we receive or provide another’s respect, recognition, and appreciation.

I define:

Respect as the acknowledgement of (I am);

Recognition as the identification of (I am Neal)

Appreciation as the valuation of (I am Neal. I am good.).


Respect, Recognize, Appreciate Yourself

I use the first person in my above examples (I am; I am Neal; I am Neal. I am good) because I also believe that my capacity to take in these three things is determined by the level of respect, recognition, and appreciation I have for myself. I review this here to provide yet one more explanation of the importance and power of why, “What we call our children they will call themselves.”

Similar to what I write about here, and what appears to contribute to helping our children (and ourselves) have things the way they want, “What we call our children they will call themselves is simple (few moving parts) but quite demanding. What makes these simple principles/ideas so demanding is they require not only paying attention, but also paying attention to ourselves. It’s no accident the expression is, pay attention.”


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