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Template for improved family & self care

 The World According to Neal (1-2-32) provides a template for improved family & self care.  Please look through earlier posts for an expansion on each of the “3s.”  If you thought it helpful to others, please copy and share my 1-2-32. 1) GOAL: To improve self-care (also known as “taking good care of ourselves”). Defined as: […]

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Self care & Family care: 3 Rules apply to both

The last set of three (in 1-2-32: The World According to Neal) consists of three rules I have observed and experienced as powerful guides. When/if I can follow these three rules, I need no other rules to guide my behavior and decision-making. Rule #1: Treat others as I wish them to treat me, but I […]

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Effective Parenting? Accept & Appreciate Yourself

You know a lot. You know a lot about yourself. You’ve learned a lot about life and being you. And you can/must use this knowledge (self and otherwise) for effective parenting. Have you ever had a bad supervisor/employer? You know, the only time she talks to you is in the form of yelling at you […]

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