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Parenting Tip: Dealing with Bickering Children

When in the vicinity of bickering children I find it quite unpleasant. You, too? Well, consider the following as a means to reduce the frequency, intensity, and duration of such behavior: When your children are bickering, as soon as you become aware of it, say to them something like: “It is not fun being around […]

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Self & Family Care: The Second Three

My books, my work with my clients (people between the ages of 5 and 25), and my personal work are based on principles I have learned and observed as effective towards improving self & family care, “1-2-32.” I also refer to it as “The World According to Neal.” “1-2-32” includes my earlier post, 1-2-3 (posted on […]

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Praise: A Powerful Parenting Tool

Praise from someone who cares about us is the most powerful reinforcement. M&Ms, check marks, stickers, money have their place. And praise from someone who cares about us is the most powerful reinforcement of behavior. Alan Kazdin, PhD., the author of 49 books for professional audiences on topics of parenting and child rearing, child psychotherapy, […]

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Testimonial re: Leader’s Manual

Dr. Neal Hemmelstein’s Leader’s Manual for: Teenagers’ Guide to the Teenage Years- What’s the Big Idea?! provides a rich and powerful two-week curriculum for high school aged (14 – 18 years old) adolescents regarding self-esteem and self-care. He draws upon his many years of experience as a teacher and school psychologist to construct this program. […]

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1, 2, 3! Self-care & Parenting are just that Simple


The same principles for taking care of your family apply to taking care of yourself. My two books, Parents’ Guide to Parenting Teenagers: Because I Said So!! and Teenagers’ Guide to the Teenage Years: What’s the Big Idea?! are bound together (two books in one!) to reflect that. I believe all of us, all day […]

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