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Welcome to the Guide to Successful Parenting

Welcome to Dr. Neal’s Corner, found at my books’ website: raising-teenagers.com.

My books Parents’ Guide to Parenting Teenagers: Because I Said So! and Teenagers’ Guide to the Teenage Years: What’s the Big Idea?!, have been available for nearly four years.  Recently my publisher, Eifrig Publishing, has made them available as ebooks as well as through iTunes and Amazon.com.

Dr. Neal’s Corner will display, on a regular basis, short articles regarding the many aspects of your relationships with your children. That the same principles apply to taking care of yourself as well as your family, these articles will provide helpful ideas, viewpoints, and suggestions specific to parenting. And to care for/of yourself.

Another effective use of Dr. Neal’s Corner is to send me (go to Contact) questions, behaviors (yours and your kids’), concerns, and situations regarding parenting. Please go there (Dr. Neal’s Corner) now and sign up for my newsletter. Then any time I write, you will receive an email notice of something new on Dr. Neal’s Corner. It is there I will respond to your questions, concerns, etc. within a few days of receiving them. I encourage (and request) you share your thoughts and ideas regarding, and ways you address the particular concern or situation cited as well as your questions, etc. I will include your thoughts and ideas on Dr. Neal’s Corner, as well.

I know a lot and so do you. I hope you all will share what works and what doesn’t work for you and add to the pool of knowledge, ideas, and actions I would like this website to become. The more something is shared, the more value it has. Thank you, in advance, for increasing the value of this pool of knowledge, ideas, and actions I wish to create.

I have also written a Leader’s Manual (also found at Eifrig Publishing) to provide a guide to my Teenagers’ Guide to the Teenage Years: What’s the Big Idea?!   This Leader’s Manual provides a guide to a two week curriculum/program in self-care and self-esteem with teenagers as the targeted audience, using What’s the Big Idea?! as the text for this unit. Each chapter of this manual will provide discussion points, examples, and exercises corresponding to the same chapter in What’s the Big Idea?!

Again, welcome to Dr. Neal’s Corner.

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  1. robin zeare says:

    I’m going to read one of the books , which do you recommended?

    • Dr Neal Hemmelstein says:

      My two books, the Teenagers’ Guide and the Parents’ Guide are bound together as one book. It’s the same principles for taking care of yourself (the Teenagers’ Guide) as it is for taking care of your family (the Parents’ Guide).

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