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Testimonial re: Leader’s Manual

Dr. Neal Hemmelstein’s Leader’s Manual for: Teenagers’ Guide to the Teenage Years- What’s the Big Idea?! provides a rich and powerful two-week curriculum for high school aged (14 – 18 years old) adolescents regarding self-esteem and self-care. He draws upon his many years of experience as a teacher and school psychologist to construct this program.

Dr. Hemmelstein’s Leader’s Manual facilitates its use by a group leader through a well thought out step-by-step set of instructions/suggestions for each chapter (each chapter of the manual corresponds to each chapter of the Teenagers’ Guide). Dr. Hemmelstein provides personal experiences that exemplify the implementation and/or results of not following the principles being discussed in that chapter for two reasons: 1) for the leader to share with the group; and 2) to provide examples/models of such to encourage the leader to draw upon and share her/his own personal experiences.

This Leader’s Manual, as well as the text for each group member, Teenagers’ Guide to the Teenage Years- What’s the Big Idea?! is a refreshing, developmentally attuned, down-to-earth guide; the Leader’s Manual being a guide for the use of a guide. It facilitates a group leader’s process in helping adolescents address the demands and difficulties of “taking good care of oneself” (Dr. Hemmelstein’s identified purpose of the text). It is respectful, to leader and group member alike; it is rich in insight regarding self-care; and it is simple to use.

Barbara Flom, PhD  

Licensed Professional Counselor

Certified School Counselor and Special Education Teacher

–Worked 21 years in PK-12 public schools and adolescent treatment facilities prior to current position as professor in the School Counseling Program at University of  Wisconsin, Stout campus

Dr. Neal encourages:

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